If you are looking for a job, try these astrological remedies

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If you are looking for a job, try these astrological remedies

Astrology Mar 19, 2021 No Comments

Nowadays after completing the studies and putting too much effort people are not able to get the appropriate job. There are several issues that they faced. If you are not finding a job or you are troubled by a job or employment-related problem then definitely try these with all kind of hard work and effort.

  1. On Friday, distribute roasted gram, good and sour sweet pills to children up to 8. Light a lamp of ghee.
  2. Take a coconut ball and make a hole in it. Now fill ghee and sugar in this hole. Now keep this coconut shell under a banyan tree or on a place with ants on Tuesday. Do this three to 5 times … you will definitely benefit. Come home and light a lamp of sesame oil.
  3. Go to a crossroads at 12 o’clock on Tuesday night and throw four slices of a stain-free lemon and throw it back in all four directions … But two things have to be kept in mind, don’t turn around and look at the other’s faith … Neem’s Light a very small lamp of oil or you can take help of a specialist in vashikaran.
  4. Bring a lock without opening on Friday and sleep at night by keeping it at the head. Next morning, take a bath and go to the temple or any religious place and keep that lock with the key and come there. Whenever someone opens that lock, the lock of your luck will also open and your problem will be solved. Apply a four-light lamp of mustard oil.
  5. Go to any Siddha Ganesh temple and make your problem or desire speak in your mind and make it swastika upside down and come. After this, whenever your work is completed, go back and make it a straight swastika. Light a vermilion lamp of ghee.

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