Easy Solutions to get married with Desired Person

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Easy Solutions to get married with Desired Person

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Everyone wishes that he gets a meeting of the mind, which will support him as a life partner at every turn. Many times this desire remains incomplete or there are obstacles in the way of union. According to astrologers, it all happens due to planetary defect in the horoscope. To remedy these defects, many infallible remedies. By adopting these, not only the defects of the horoscope can be removed, but the desired meeting can also be found. Let’s know the Love Marriage Problem Solution suggested by specialist in love marriage.

  • If the boy or girl is facing obstacles due to the Sun being in the low place in the horoscope, then both the boy and the girl offer water to the Sun in Brahmamuhurta. Chant “Surya Mantra’.
  • Press a square piece of copper into the ground. All the obstacles of your marriage will be overcome soon by this remedy.
  • People desirous of performing love marriage should offer black sesame seeds on Shivling every Saturday.
  • According to the Love Problem Solution, shed coconut in the running water on Saturday.
  • According to the remedy mentioned in the Lal Kitab, feed the brown dog eight roasted on one side.
  • On Saturday, tie black urad, iron, black sesame and soap in black cloth and give it to charity.
  • According to astrology, for getting married fast, wear a black horseshoe ring in your middle finger.

Make parents agree to Love marriage:

Love Marriage’s biggest hurdle is to convince the parents of both parties to get married. If you have crossed this stage then no one can stop your love marriage. If your parents are not agreeing to your love marriage then you can try the miracle of quartz garland everyday. Wearing a quartz garland daily removes all the hurdles in your love life and you are able to comfortably do a love marriage.

Apart from this, people whose marriage life has ended in romance or the husband wife problem solution who have a quarrel with each other, also benefit from wearing a quartz garland daily. People who are looking for life partner also get success in their efforts with the effect of quartz rosary daily. Rose quartz garland is also very beneficial for the heart cycle. The heart gets immense energy from this garland. Apart from this, you can also wear quartz heart pendants everyday.

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