How to remove the disputes of family?

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How to remove the disputes of family?

Astrology May 15, 2021 No Comments

Nowadays, family discord and tension have become common, due to which the distance also starts to arise in the relationship, love with astrology has brought some very simple solutions. Many different nature people live in the house. In such a situation, habits and thoughts do not match each other. Due to which, there are often conflicts and conflicts in the people of the house. Due to these conflicts, there is always an atmosphere of unrest and tribulation in the house. These quarrels can be got rid of by adopting some small measures of Love Vashikaran Specialist.

  1. If there is often a stress situation in the house, then keep any idol made of white sandalwood in such a place, from where all the members keep an eye on it. This will end family tension and increase mutual trust among the members.
  2. If there is tension and dispute between male members of the house, then a tree of Kadamb tree should be kept in such a house. This creates an atmosphere of peace.
  3. Eating food sitting in the kitchen instead of other places of the house reduces the effect of Rahu in the house and happiness and peace remains.
  4. In the northeast direction of the house, the people of the house also have feelings of alteration and jealousy etc. by making dustbins or keeping garbage. In this direction, do not forget the garbage should also be kept.
  5. To reduce the quarrels between the members of the family and solve Husband Wife Problem Solution, sprinkle water in the entire house after bathing every morning to maintain peace in the house.
  6. Sweet bread should be fed to the animals every month equal to the number of members of the house and the number of all the guests who have come to the house. This will get rid of sickness, quarrels and wasteful expenses at home.
  7. If there is frequent unrest, tension and estrangement among the women of the family, then all the women in such a family should not wear red colored clothes together.
  8. If there is disturbance in the house due to any woman, then a white pearl ring should be made and she should wear it on the ring finger of the right hand.
  9. People of that house should not get their hair and beard trimmed on Thursday in a house which creates an atmosphere of tension and unrest without cause.

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