What you should not keep in Children’s Room according to Vastu Shastra?

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What you should not keep in Children’s Room according to Vastu Shastra?

Vastu Shastra Apr 21, 2021 No Comments

Apart from the big ones at our house, there are also small children, which we always have to take care of. Not only this, there are many things that we should not keep in the children’s room. By doing this many times the children are harmed, then sometimes the goods get spoiled. So if you are keeping any items in the children’s room, then first think if it would be right to keep it there. If you are confused about this, then our Love Vashikaran Specialist provides information regarding things that you should not keep in your children’s room.

The medicines

Many times we keep medicines in the room of children unknowingly, but do you know how dangerous they can be for children. Many times children put these medicines in the mouth in sports. Also, children have a habit of putting anything in their mouths. In such a situation, children should not be kept in the room even after forgetting.

Knife or any sharp stuff

Never forget to keep a knife in the children’s room. This causes children to play and then they are afraid of cutting their hands. Also, any sharp items, including scissors, testers, glass items, should be kept in the children’s room. Children start playing with these things many times, due to which a big accident can happen.

Cooler & Table Fan

As if summer has arrived. In such a situation, many parents place coolers in their children’s rooms. In such a situation, the children sometimes put their hands inside the cooler, due to which the circumcision of the accident remains. Also, there is a risk of current from cooler. Apart from this, table fan should also not be kept in the children’s room, because the children put a finger or something in it. This can cause harm to both the child and the table fan.

Electrical goods

It should always be noted in the children’s room that you should not leave the wires open. Also you should keep the electrical switch out of the reach of children. If there are switches in the children’s room and they are not being used, then you should keep these switches covered, because the children put the fingers in them.

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