Where to keep drinking water at home according to Vastu

Where to keep drinking water at home

Where to keep drinking water at home according to Vastu

Vastu Shastra May 1, 2021 No Comments

In our Vastu Shastra different directions or places are given for water, fire, air, sky and earth element. Therefore, we should keep the things related to these elements in the house according to their directions, otherwise problems can be faced due to Vastu Dosha. In Vaastu Shastra, the most auspicious place of water is considered to be the northeast. Therefore, keeping water in the right place and in the right direction in the house keeps the health of the family members favorable and increases happiness and prosperity.

* Fill the pot of water in the northeast or east of the kitchen.

* The location of water is the northeast angle, so storage of water or underground tank or boring should be in the east, north or northeast direction.

* The pump sending water to the top tank should also be in the same direction and if you are facing any issue in life then take help of Black Magic Solution, as it is very effective remedy.

* There should be no well or tube well in south-east, north-west or south-west angle. For this, the location of north-east angle is suitable. This keeps the balance of Vastu.

* Over head tank should be between north and air angle. The upper part of the tank should be round.

If there is a well or tube well in the other direction, then fill it and if it is not possible to fill it, do not use it.

* Bath room is auspicious in the east.

* Keep in mind, water should not leak from any tap in the house, otherwise starvation situation may occur.

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